So, first thing is first….

I have a growing anger inside of me. That anger stems from apathy and the arrogance of others.

I CHOOSE to use that positively, rather than batter some poor unsuspecting punter on the street, or get into brawls, I use that anger, in the only way I know how.

How many times have we heard about large corporations fucking over small businesses JUST because they can afford decent lawyers? how many times has the local council made a compulsory purchase order on houses, only to turn them into shopping centres? you know THAT kind of arrogance…. The arrogance that money and power assumes it has JUST because it has never been challenged.

I’m that challenge.

I’M the guy who makes a noise when things are unfair, I’m the guy who makes the intelligently, well researched comment on the Fatcats post on facebook and twitter, I’m the guy who keeps re-posting when the comment is deleted and continues making a pain in the arse of himself when people think its ok to say or do things that aren’t right. I’m the guy, happy to ruffle feathers and make noise when PR and spin seem to be winning the day.

The best and only good thing about the arrogance of these people? That they underestimate everyone else, and the power they hold, the power EVERYONE of us has, if only we would realise that, the balance might be re-dressed somewhat. Upsetting their comfortable world that revolves around them and them only, is what i do, not by being rude, or arrogant, but factual and truthful.

At the end of the day truth is the deadliest weapon of all.

We ALL have the power to make a difference, and it only takes one person to inspire others to do so.

I hope, that is what i will do here, encourage the individuals, to become one.

After all, all it takes is one voice in the crowd….

One love



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