Tessa Hartmann, PR Guru *coughs*, The Scotsman and the Scottish Fashion Awards….

Notable Scottish singer, actor and poet, Derek Dick AKA Fish, wrote on his Facebook page of his pride at his daughter, Tara Nowy, being nominated for Scottish Model Of The year, at The Scottish Fashion Awards.

His post, hours before the event took place (note this for later) was bursting with pride and admiration for Tara, as any father would and a few constructive criticism’s aimed at the chaotic organisation. Nothing offensive there, i know, i read the original post, having been a big fan of Fish from his days in Marillion, but more so of his solo career.

Tessa Hartmann, and the Scottish Fashion Awards, in a blindingly arrogant lapse of judgement, after reading (and obviously believing (FIRST mistake, given the press has already been widely proven and well documented as flawed)), The Scotsman’s article, in which a wildly mis-quoted and re-contextualised version of Fish’ original statement appeared, decided to issue the following statement:

“We are saddened and disappointed to read the insulting claims this afternoon online about our awards being ‘rigged’, provided by a disgruntled father of a nominee.

We provide a wonderful international platform to all our nominees, inviting respected credible editors and judges from around the world. Their claims are not just insulting to the event but insulting to the panel of judges who have so generously donated their time to judge a selection of some 60 Scottish nominees across design, textiles, fashion, retailing, modelling and communication. The process is managed online through a secure online server and computer system and has been a foundation for us to grow this credible event and indeed the rationale for attracting such high-profile judges. 

We strongly refute any claims of ‘appalling conditions’ backstage. The models were in air-conditioned rooms, where there were catering tables of food, juices, an abundance of bottled water and coffee replenished throughout the day, as our partners will verify.

Isn’t it a sad day for Scotland when a ‘disgruntled father’ of a nominee behaves in such a disrespectful and malicious manner when his daughter fails to win the award. We should add that the winner, the highly successful Tali Lennox, won by a significant amount due to her countless international campaigns and impressive portfolio working alongside the world’s top fashion photographers. 

Our motto has always been to showcase the wealth of talent from Scotland working around the world. They are all winners but sometimes human behaviour leaves a little to be desired and sadly there is a reputation tarnished here, but it’s not ours.”  

The public outcry was inevitable….

Numerous posts flooded in, stating that Fish had never stated that the votes were “rigged”, and indeed he didn’t, this is what he did write :

” Disappointing end to the day not so much in respect of the result but at seeing my daughter after the show. She accepted the outcome in the gracious manner I have come to expect of her and she felt privileged to be nominated. No animosity and although she felt the decision preordained she was just happy to be considered. What upset me was seeing her so down at the treatment both she and the other models endured during the day.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong Tessa, but where in that does it say the vote was rigged? EXACTLY it doesn’t. There goes your first argument (and what little credibility you had). The pre-ordained statement was made due to the fact that in a scheduled press statement at 1700 hrs, the winners had been announced to the press, WELL before the nominees or anyone else had found out.

Fish Continues : “Backstage I was told it was chaotic. She stood at side of stage for nearly the entire performance and waited to be introduced with the other contestants. She never made the stage. Her nomination on the video screens was fleeting considering the accolade at stake. Hours waiting in freezing ac’d rooms with hardly anything to eat or drink, no information, a delayed show, confusion with regards arena access and a lacklustre cat walk where she had one outfit before the show closed abruptly and the VIP’s emptied out to dinner next door. Staggeringly badly stage-managed. She is quite frankly incandescent at the manner in which both she and her fellow models were treated and was too upset to attend any after-show party. For someone who was one on the main “faces” in the advertising for the Scottish Fashion Awards,which she did as an unpaid piece of work and who was also unpaid for the catwalk appearance and the entire day spent in Glasgow she did not even get a “wristband” to give her access to the after-show or the dinner.”

So much for refuting the “appalling conditions backstage”, a view which was shared by others who were part of the event, and even posted on the article the following day in The Scotsman, by said participants. One participant said:

“I worked backstage at The Scottish Fashion Awards this year. I was my first ever time working at an event and I was incredibly excited, however this excitement was met with sheer rudeness by the organisers who treated us like dirt on their shoe from the moment go. We were instantly told to shift huge boxes of bottled water and T-shirts down to the arena, which was not an issue for me but we did not even receive a smile let a lone a “thank-you” from the organisers. We were then told to sit in a freezing cold room until we were asked to move. We ended up sitting in this room for 3 hours. We were told that we would be given food at 3pm, however we were not told where the food was and by the time we found out all of the food had been eaten. We had been given briefs before hand but they had not fully explained our duties to us and when I asked what I should be doing one of the organisers told me that it was not her problem and that I should get on with it. My job was based on the red carpet and I had to stand in the cold for 3 hours with just a dress on. One of the organisers then asked me for the iPad I had been using as hers was broken, I said “yes” and handed her it only for her to throw hers at me. The whole day was a shambles and I felt intimidated by the organisers who were obviously taking out their stress and anger on the unpaid volunteers. Many of the celebrities were also unpleasant towards my friends and I. The organisers children were also very arrogant and rude at one point took it upon themselves to inform us that we weren’t doing our job properly. At the end of the night we were told that we were free to leave after we cleaned up a mess that hair stylists and make up artists had made. However we cleaned up anyway and again we did not receive one thank you. I will not be working at the Scottish Fashion Awards again.”

BOOM, there goes even more of your credibility Tessa.

Fish continues : “She was given 2 “VIP” tickets last week for her parents but I had already bought 2 weeks ago as I was told there were no concessions. Those “VIP” tickets got her mother and I seats in the rear stall with a free bottle of water.I gave my bought tickets away to 2 of her friends. I didn’t expect any favours or “star” treatment.( Who am I these days and especially in the context of the fashion world.) But I did think someone who was nominated for Scottish Model of the Year deserved a lot better. Along with the other models no one got the “goody bags” handed out to the “VIPs”, a simple gesture that would have meant a lot especially to the models participating for free. Some as young as 15.”

So good to know you look after the children you exploit sorry showcase…. further proof is from an auntie, who also attended, waiting for her niece to arrive on stage :

I too had a niece at this event that I , I think was probably as excited about attending , as she was excited to be taking part in …. OR SO WE THOUGHT ! ……. As the evening was unfolding I got to speak to a lovely group of woman sitting next to me who were also there to see their daughter nominated for Model of the Year , a girl who has graced the cover of Vogue , I might add , who also never knew about the so-called VIP areas , and they were sat next to me in the circle ??? Anyhow when my nieces award was announced I could hardly breathe I was that excited for her to get to grace your stage SFA at such a young age !!! Only then to be so disappointed when Alexis Chung came out and announced “Now that is what you call a cock-up ” and then said they are now going to play a video of what I just said , thinking they may play the vt of the fashion show at Glasgow Airport , which ALL the girls looked AMAZING , but NO it went straight to The Nominees Are ????? Then pulled the poor winner from the side of the stage and said this is the girl that won !!!! So even for the winner it wasn’t even done with grace …… I couldn’t have been MORE disappointed NOT that my niece didn’t win but that in rehearsals they were all told by T . Hartman that this was their time to shine !!!! And for that dream to be shattered in such a manner is a disgrace . I appreciate that there will always be human error but for no one to know what was happening after the girls had repeatedly asked when do we go on I think is again a disgrace …….. !”

BOOM exit stage right your integrity as well as your credibility Tessa….. If someone like Alexis Chung is announcing “Now that is what you call a cock-up”, clearly it was a well organised event….

Fish continued : “I was proud that my daughter was more concerned about the 15-year-old “faces of tomorrow” who sat for hours waiting backstage in full dress who never got the chance to walk out in front of family and friends because of event mismanagement. I was proud she thought about others before herself and did voice her opinions backstage to the shock of others. And I was immensely proud of her being there on her own efforts and hard work over the years. She and others deserved better treatment tonight from an industry that depends on them to carry the flag. She will write her own letters tomorrow and in her own words will put her case across. I look forward to reading them. These are just the words of a father who wanted to see his daughter enjoy a life moment and who tonight feels let down by an industry she loves. I am just so proud she is who she is and is willing to express her opinions on what she perceives as being wrong or unjust no matter what the outcomes on her personally.That is why one day she will make her very special mark on this world. I for one look forward to her writings on this.She is a clever word smith and uncompromising. These words are my own but I felt tonight I wanted to put my own opinion across as the father of someone who deserved far more from a night she had looked forward to for so very long like so many others out there trying to make a name for themselves in a cold and brutal industry that generates millions for those in control of their fragile dreams.”

Now, again, i may be hard of eyesight in my 36th year, but I don’t remember, ANYWHERE in that statement, where Fish acted as, and I quote from the SFA’s statement “a disgruntled father”.

The problem is this : The SFA and Tessa Hartmann (PR Guru….*cough*….) in their infinite wisdom, have refused to comment, even when Fish explained himself on the statement. They refused to comment, they refused to retract the statement, or even apologise, for what is nothing more than libelous, bullshit, on the say so of a two-bit Scottish rag.

what they have done, is deleted posts that didn’t suit them, and even blocked a user, who did nothing more than tell the truth and stand up to them, from contacting them on Facebook and twitter. An admission of guilt if ever i saw one.  I know, i am THE only one whose posts were deleted, and who was blocked. My posts were cogent, intelligent, well written but most of all TRUTHFUL. perhaps this is why they perceive me as so much of a threat, they felt the need to delete my comments and block me.

Again, the arrogance they have already demonstrated so well, has underestimated me. I signed in with another Facebook profile, one i had years ago and don’t use anymore, and posted this :

So, is what i was saying ringing the bell then? i notice you didn’t delete anyone else’s comments or block them? am i becoming to much of a pain, or is it because what im saying is intelligent, well thought out, articulate and a threat? 

is it because i am rallying people against you? is that why you consider me dangerous? or maybe you cannot stand being reminded of your own failures and poor judgement? either way, you will not silence me, block me, i will start another profile, and continuing commenting until you do the right thing and issue a retraction and a public apology. 

Surely you have the sense to see this isn’t going away, just have a look at the strength of the comments from people ranging from models and people involved in your show, public figures, members of the public etc. and yet you still insist, by your lack of action that you are correct. You weren’t really at the front of the cue when brains were being handed out were you? or maybe you got the cue mixed up and thought it was drains and got a wet one….

the longer this goes on, the more damage you do to yourselves, and your reputation (such as it is *coughs*) the longer you refuse to comment, the greater public opinion against you grows, and will continue to do so ad infinitum, till eventually you will be no more than a whisper on a long forgotten wind…. 

continue to ignore this at your own peril, but do not EVER say you were not warned of what awaited you.

issue the apology…. and the retraction…. re-instate 2 innocent people’s reputations and maybe, earn a little respect and get back some of your credibility….

or don’t, and see what happens…. the choice, is yours….”

Said comment was deleted a few minutes later, so i reposted. Again it was deleted, so i reposted adding this :

incidentally, keep deleting this post, i WILL keep posting ad infinitum :)”

At time of posting, this post is still up, but i have no doubts that by the time i surface tomorrow, bleary eyed, gasping for a cuppa and a ciggy, it will have gone. I will of course, re-post, lets see which one of us tires of this game first.

Tessa’s face-saving, bullshit, highly PR spun statement,  smacks of one-up-man-ship, and playground politics and is just about the level I would expect of one associated with such a bullshit industry. “But he attacked us first miss” DOH….
Her lack of judgement in issuing this statement, was naive to say the least as it appears to have been issued without much thought or checking of the facts. (if either of those two processes occurred, i would be highly surprised)
Her utter refusal to comment, or issue a retraction/apology after learning the facts (from more than one source) has led to Fish threatening legal action, and its something I fully expect him to go through with AND win. But worse than that (for her and the SFA) it has led to an utter annihilation of their credibility and any esteem with which they were held in their fields, something of course, no doubt Tessa will argue, with the usual PR bullshit spin.

Miss Nowy, who has shown her usual blend of dignity, eloquence and sophistication by not commenting regarding the subject, is a credit to her parents, and a role model to young women all over the world. Tessa Hartmann, by contrast showed her true colours by tweeting thinly veiled threats to the career of miss Nowy. Does Tessa Hartmann REALLY think she has that much power? clearly she is as deluded as she is unprofessional. The words “two-bit” spring instantly to mind, also the words “piss-up” and “brewery”. Ironic then, that she is the very epitome of the “Zoo Class” Fish was writing about, all those years ago on the “Field of crows” album.

The people have spoken, Fish, Tara and the people speaking out against Tessa Hartmann and the SFA have right on their side, and WILL without an apology and a retraction ultimately destroy both of you, for you made the mistake of arrogance, that of underestimating public power.

Now, care to rethink the “reputation tarnished” comment Tessa?

I hope you have an umbrella Tessa, because the raingods are dancing….

Fish and daughter Tara

Tessa Hartmann PR Guru *coughs*

If you would like to view the original statement by the SFA, and the comments that followed, you can follow this link : http://www.facebook.com/ScottishFashionAwards/posts/473811842632605

If you would like to see more of the Scotsman article, where the comments were posted, you can follow this link : http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/fashion/scottish-fashion-awards-night-of-glitz-and-glamour-in-city-of-style-1-2350169?commentspage=0

If you would like to add your voice to the “crowd” and make it know we will not tolerate such bullying, then please join this group on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/groups/442731765752009/


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