Bored of the rangers thing now

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the rangers debacle now.

We’ve all whined and bitched about messrs Doncaster, regan et al and yet it’s still going on. For fucks sake lets get it over with once and for all so we can enjoy watching football again and I don’t have to listen to whinging rangers fans saying how it’s unfair.

The truth is, sporting integrity aside, the minority of idiotic rangers fans made this decision for the spl clubs by acting like bawbags at away games. It was inevitable that this was also going to be taken into consideration when the spl clubs voted, so maybe some of the blame lies with the spl for not dealing efficiently with that, but also, it lies with the club and the decent rangers fans for not speaking out about it.

Yes, the spl needs an overhaul, in both governance and rules and regulations, and yes, we need to safeguard this from happening again. But let’s not forget, rangers are NOT the first club this has happened to, and those other clubs were similarly punished, albeit they didn’t go into liquidation, but they still had to go back to division 3. Of course I’m talking about Gretna and Livingston here.

The fact rangers DID go into liquidation, and flouted most of the spl’s rules, makes this an exceptional case and make comparisons to Gretna and Livingston hard, as the circumstances are different, but certain people still seek to make sure that rangers don’t play in division 3, by openly stating they want them in division 1 or a newly structured spl2.

Furthermore, the same people who wrote off a 16 team spl, are now, in true politicians u turn style, proposing it as a serious alternative. Amazing.

From top to bottom, the structure of Scottish footballs governance needs an overhaul, as I and many others have lost faith in the overpaid, overdressed chimps who run it.

Football is a game FOR the fans, and therefore should have a fans contingent representing the fans opinions regarding how scottish football is run and not solely by executive who know 3/4’s of 5/8’s of fuck all about football and what the football fans want.

Even more to the point, safeguards need to be put in place to make sure this never happens again, and fixed penalties and procedures for if it does, so any club going through it gets treated the same.

The last thing the spl and sfl needs after all of this is to be inconsistent should this happen again and incur the wrath if the supporting clubs.

That truly would be the death of Scottish football.


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