Another expensive mistake from the chimps in Westminster….

So, the Olympics is here. Yay?

We’ve (that’s the collective we by the way) spent billions of public money on this Olympic games, which sport wise has been fairly average.

The opening ceremony was ok, the usual drivel from an opening ceremony but with a British Danny Boyle twist.

What we’ve been assured though these last few years while the organisers big it up and the doubters knock it, has been increased revenue and a tenfold increase in tourism.

Neither have happened. Tourists, have been keeping away from London, for fear of getting held up, the businesses have had to turn away work because they can’t get there due to the increased traffic predicted and because they can’t get stock delivered due to the security risk.

So what gains have we made?

None. Britain has actually lost money from this games because they can’t actually make money with no people there. Local traders in London have said its the quietest they’ve ever seen it.

So much for the show piece Olympics bringing in billions of revenue we were promised then?

People are fucking dying because they can’t get the health care they need, or because they have to scrimp on food just to pay the bills.

So it’s good to know all that money that should have been spent in the public sector was spent on this piss poor excuse of a spectacle.

The fact they are actively trying to fill the bloody stadiums cos no one is turning up should tell you everything you need to know about how much of a waste of money this is.

And yet, it will be declared as the ultimate success by messrs Coe et al, in they’re usual Tory PR spin bullshit way, as they smoke their cigars and drink their 200 year old brandy in the lounge in the houses of parliament.

The worst thing is, that Coe will probably get knighted while the people who sacrificed for this abortion to happen, starve.

“It’s a great celebration of British culture” – yeah, I mean everyone wants to celebrate a society where cuts are made to public sector and one third of people in this country are below the poverty line, whilst bankers who cause the worldwide economy to crash get millions in bonuses, and the rich get tax breaks.

The only people celebrating that are the organisers and the rich.

But of course, they’ll hail this as a success while the real people suffer, starve, die etc. because of cuts to the nhs, schools, benfits etc. all for Coe’s knighthood….



  1. Tailspin1 · · Reply

    A good and inciteful commentary but one glaring error in the knighthood for Coe – he’s already a lord.

    1. Can you not get knighted if your a peer?

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