Bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

I saw this on Facebook and had to repost….


These are PEOPLE who were shouting about how ‘Big Jock Knew’ yesterday, a man who pulled THE PEOPLE from the stands in the ibrox disaster. That’s how they choose to honour others who try to help them and theirs….

These are PEOPLE who scream about child abuse, Catholics or sheep shaggers because they have nothing else less disgusting or wittier to say….

These are PEOPLE whose war cry is ‘WE are the people’ and everyone else therefore is dirt on their shoes by that definition…

Nobody likes them and guess what? They don’t care. Why? Because THEY are the PEOPLE so why should they and so the arrogance continues……

These are PEOPLE that can’t go away from home without being manhandled by police.

PEOPLE who piss all over holy statues which lead one newspaper in Barcelona to write a full article demanding they never come back and stressing Celtic fans should get an award just for putting up with them.

These are people who can’t win or lose European games without causing riots or getting themselves banned….

They are PEOPLE who the head of the Manchester police stated were like, ‘a pack of baying wolves’…

That’s the type of PEOPLE they are.

They should seek to remember that before they stand there and scream about all of Scottish football being bigoted against them, like they are innocent victims in everything.

They should seek to remember that before they point their finger accusingly at anyone else.

Many of us have our own demons in our football clubs but I can safely say that most clubs have nowhere near the psychological problems that some of this lot clearly have….

The worrying thing is (Helped by Ally and encouraged by Green) they have successfully managed to transfer that attitude, just like their assets, to SEVCO….

God help the SFL!!!!!

Written by Kenny Kerr

Amen Kenny, amen….


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