Catholic church wages war on Gay marriage

The Guardian, today reported the Catholic churches intention to fight the new Scottish proposal to make gay marriage legal ( )

Shock horror….

I’m not gay, but surely EVERYONE, no matter what race, colour, creed, sexuality, has the right to live their life the way they see fit, and in a manner that makes them happy. basic human right, right? Not according to the Catholic church.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, said it was a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right” a right which only heterosexual couples have according to the Catholic church.

What is the Catholic churches problem with gay marriage? or even gay relationships? is it because “the bible says so” because if it is, then i think that’s a pretty weak reason. Lets not forget, the bible also says slavery is OK, as is incest and selling your children…

But hey, coming from a church with a history of global child abuse, and furthermore, COVERING UP global child abuse, what do you expect?

The Catholic church had declared 26 August as “national marriage Sunday” and in an attempt to decry the same sex marriage proposals, has passed a letter criticising the Scottish government and the proposals, to all 500 Catholic parishes in Scotland to be read out, in an attempt to  “sustain rather than subvert marriage”.

Am i the only one who thinks they’ve just beaten themselves TWICE with their own argument here?

O’Brien, who last week spat his dummy out after discussions with Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond on the matter, said the letter will highlight the “deep disappointment that the Scottish government has decided to redefine marriage and legislate for same sex marriage”

Big whoop. I’m sure they’re pissing their pants with woe.

The Catholic church, are now the only people, who think the Catholic church hold any power any more. Canon law is no longer relevant, the threat of ex-communication no longer holds any power or threat, and even the most staunch Catholic follower now-a-days, is more liberal and relaxed over a lot of issues.

My mother for example, fully paid up, card-carrying member of the Catholic church. Believes in gay relationships and is pro-choice with regards to the abortion debate. Yet she still goes to church, rattles her beads and says her hail Mary’s.

OK, so she’s against gay marriage, as apparently its written into the vows that marriage is for procreation. So what are we saying here? that even straight people who cant or don’t want children should not be allowed to marry as well? not content with upsetting millions of gay couples, its now starting on the heterosexual couples as well? good work ;)

Why then is it that the majority of the Catholic following, seem to be at odds with their leadership? and why then, Can the Catholic church not be a progressive religion, rather than one based on antiquated ideals and traditions?

WHY? because it doesn’t say so in the bible, that’s why.

The tyre manufacturer, Pirelli, once used a slogan for their tyres “Power is nothing without control” how very true. And this is how the Catholic church still views itself today. As an organisation that must control its following and subvert them so they follow them unflinchingly and unquestionably. Fortunately, most modern Catholics, have a bit more sense than that, and would rather follow their religion with the minimum of fuss and praise God in their own manner, without the mind control. And fair play to them for that, Even as an Atheist, I have the utmost respect for Catholics who go against the “official party lines” and follow the way they see fit, in a modern context.

However, I have less time for the staunch, unbending, traditional Catholics. the whole “your going to burn in hell for not believing in God” thing, is a bit droll now, and very boring. As is the continued Catholic stance on Gay relationships/Marriage, abortion, contraception etc.

The Catholic church constantly preaches about respect, yet it affords it followers none by them telling what they should think and believe. Doesn’t this go against the teachings of the bible that God gave man free will? Of course it does, but mention it to a hard-core Catholic and you get a “yeah, but…” yeah but nothing, you cant have it both ways. Either God gave man free will, or the Catholic church gets to tell you what to believe, not both.

What gives the Catholic church the right to preach to everyone? who do they think they are to say that gay marriage is wrong? that’s what THEY believe, that’s THEIR right, don’t force it down the throats of others, some who probably don’t share the same ideals as you and more likely, don’t even believe in your God.

They have no more right to preach this hateful stuff, than i do to walk about outside a church telling people God does not exist. But I’m sure if I did that, I would be labelled as a “sectarian bigot” but if the Catholic church preaches that Gay marriage is wrong, then its “entitled to its own opinions and beliefs”

The Scottish government has vowed to bring a bill on the issue later this year, supported by The Equality Network, who said that they should not give into the “anti-gay” agenda that is STILL being pursued by the Catholic church.

Tom French, The Equality Network’s policy co-ordinator said “It is increasingly clear that the Church has an anti-gay agenda that it wants to impose on the rest of society. We urge the Scottish Government to stand firm on plans to introduce equal marriage and not give in to demands that would discriminate against LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) people.”

before later adding “In particular, the Equality Network would be deeply concerned at any attempt to promote an anti-gay agenda in schools. School should be a welcoming environment for all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or their family situation.”

The Scottish government, in my opinion, should stick two fingers up at the church and pass the bill anyway. Religion is a CHOICE, being Gay is NOT. Ergo, the government should seek to help those without choice, rather than those who CHOSE to believe bigoted, antiquated views that condemn anything that the bible doesn’t agree with.

Oh, sorry, was i being controversial again?


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