More evidence of a Government who simply don’t care…

To most people, our Soldiers are a source of national pride, and some even inspiration. Even if we dont agree with the war against terror in Afghanistan, we are all quite rightly proud of our troops.


this obviously excludes the government.

Sapper Karl Boon, 25, lost his leg in a rocket propelled grenade attack in 2010. The young soldier, who was visited by David Beckham in hospital, now walks with the help of a prosthetic leg.

And yet, Department of Work and Pensions pen-pushers have told him he can no longer have a £54-a-week living allowance, because he can walk “about 400 yards” unaided.

Thanks for your service, and fuck you.

“Sometimes I can’t even reach the front door”. Karl said “All I want is what I’m entitled to”. And just to add insult to injury, Karl now faces a 10 month wait before he can apply again.

All of this came, one month after Cameron claimed wounded service personnel would NOT suffer at the hands of budget cuts and welfare reforms.

Aye, and then your arse fell off.

The long and the short of it is this. Although I realise David Cameron has no personal control over the individual cases, the policy used by the government and ATOS care (the health agency who handle the assessments) is wrong. 

I know several severely disabled people who have all been refused because they are apparently not disabled enough…. one of them happens to be a victim of the Thalidomide drug…. how is THAT not “disabled enough”

The truth is, scroungers and scally’s are getting away with it, whilst GENUINELY disabled people are falling victim to the “benefit fraud clampdown”

I became aware of this story, not through the newspapers, but because I was sent a link to the online petition, which i duly signed (i would urge you also to do the same, the link is posted at the very bottom) 

I am not a fan of Tory’s, i remember what thatcher did to the poor and underprivileged in the 80’s and had no desire to repeat that disaster. Shame the rest of the country didn’t see it that way really. 

It has been proven time and time again, that coalition governments DO NOT work except in a time of war, so lets be fair, why was Cameron and Clegg going to be any different?

Its back to business as usual with the Tory’s, the rich get richer and the poor can fuck off. this apparently even includes people who have lost limbs and even their lives in the defence of this country. Now, im not going to enter into a debate into whether or not this war against terror is just, or right. What i will say is this : regardless of your feelings on the war, our service personnel should be treated better. They deserve that much at least.

It has gotten THAT bad, that an independent charity has had to be set up to support them now, a job the government should be doing. I am talking of none other than Help For Heroes, who do absolutely amazing work for those injured and for the families of those who have been injured or killed. But never the less, it should not have got to the point where that was needed, it should be done by a government who CARES about the troops it so readily sends to the slaughter, under-equipped and with the little kit they do have being seriously below par.

Dont be fooled into thinking Karl is the only one either, he may be the most high profile, and the most recent, but he most CERTAINLY isn’t the only one. This has been going on DECADES. The Gurkhas pension scandal for example, it Took Joanna Lumley to step in before the government ACTUALLY did something about it.

And this so soon after 4000 jobs were cut from the armed forces, mostly in the RAF and Navy. Mostly senior service personnel and officers as well. Another “thanks, now fuck off” if ever i heard it.

I personally am at a loss to how it is even considered that such treatment of armed forces personnel is acceptable in 21st century Britain. 

What next? taking away the troops voting rights?

If you would like to sign the petition to get Karl’s benefits back, please got to :


Karl With David Beckham in hospital


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