Train Passengers Face Airport-Style Security

Train Passengers Face Airport-Style Security
At least a quarter of rail and tube passengers will be scanned for explosives, knives and guns under new Government proposals.

So the government wants to scan people just in case they might be a terrorist using a train to get from a to b . Since 9/11 we have seen so many new laws come in, which invades our privacy, normal every day people are affected, watched and monitored under these new laws. Groups like animal rights (and many more) are put onto the terrorist watch list, in fact anyone that opposes the government or have any views on anything can be put onto the terrorist watch list. Just before the Royal Wedding last year, countless people were arrested because they had an opinion on the wedding that was not in favour of the wedding.

What worries me about this is, what else are they going to think up for ‘security’. We have CCTV everywhere and you can not do anything without being watched, the list is endless. But what worries me the most is the every day person, most can not see what is wrong with CCTV or being monitored on the net and most will not have a problem with Airport type security at train stations, but what some do not realise is we are slowly becoming a police state. These new laws, security measures are appearing in dribs and drabs and people are being spoon fed, it is for their interest and safety, but before we know it, we wont be able to shite without someone knowing about it.

It is argued that CCTV is good because it catches criminals, in most cases CCTV can not be used in court and if someone is wearing a hoodie or covering their face, CCTV is useless. If a crime is being committed and seen in real time on CCTV the chances are the police wont have anyone available to send anyway, especially now with all the cuts being made.

I have nothing to hide, in fact I am quite an upfront person but my freedom/privacy is important and wasn’t that what our grandfathers and great grandfathers were fighting for in the previous world wars?

‘The researchers also want to know whether wheelchairs, false limbs, crutches, pushchairs, and bikes could be scanned and whether so-called dirty bombs could be spotted.’ So if you have a false limb you will be told it will have to be searched, imagine how people are going to feel being asked and a good proportion of those with false limbs will be war veterans.

The searches will probably be abused as is every other terrorist law, the latest by Suffolk County Council (

fair enough they need to investigate the claims but under the terrorist law?

‘Suggesting that technologies including X-ray, magnetometry, vapour and trace methods, electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound could be used.’ Most of these methods are not great for your health, I know this can be argued to the amount etc, but if someone is using a train/tube every day, then it must have an affect at some point on you body.

So they bring this new security in on the trains and tube stations, that’s all good and well but surely if you were a terrorist you would use other means of transport and avoid the train/tube stations, I don’t think this is going to help the fight in terrorist at all.

The article suggest this will not happen, but then why is it a news article? because they are feeding it into peoples brains, so when it happens it will not be received so badly and probably monitoring the responses of people and what they think about the whole idea.

People who do not worry about our freedom/privacy being taking away from us, will realise when it is too late.

We would not be threatened by terrorist if we were not involved in Iraq and Afghanistan wars/invasions, we were warned we would be targeted.

I started to question our privacy and freedom when my kids came home from school and said the new way of getting library books out was through thumb prints, this is worrying as those kids will grow up thinking it is ok for them to hand over anything without thinking about it. 99% of kids at that school gave their thumb prints, I know this was down to the parents consent but worrying at the same time.



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