The death of the far right parties… With any luck…

The sudden decline in interest in the far right party, the BNP, has seemingly coincided with the escalating tension between the BNP and the EDL, the other half of the “dumb and dumber” twins….

The escalation has mainly been kept on twitter and the occasional exchange at demonstrations, but also revolve around the paper Nick Griffin recently published claiming that the EDL are housing a number of shadowy neoconservatives and “Zionist terrorists” who are seeking to manipulate public concern over Islam to launch new wars and split the far right nationalist scene. EDL co-leader, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon remains convinced that Griffin is wrong, stating on twitter “I swear Nick Griffin’s lost the plot,” 

What gave it away? was it the rigid pursuit of any anti-semitic agenda? the extradition on non-UK citizens and immigrants? the fact the BNP wanted to repeal the race relations act and the equalities and human rights commission? Its anti-Islamic agenda? oh no, that’s right, that would be the EDL as well…

However, seemingly with the BNP on the decline, and the EDL (who have just jumped into bed with the Freedom party and seem set to take a more “legitimate political party” stance) and the National Front on the rise, its looks very likely that the EDL or the National Front will replace the BNP when Griffin finally realises he’s on a sinking ship and jumps aboard another. A story often seen in far right movements.

Now, I find these groups revolting, because they masquerade racism and xenophobia behind a mask of “we just want Britain British again”

newsflash arseholes: Britain IS British. Britain is just not ALL WHITE AND ALL CHRISTIAN ANYMORE. That does not make it any less British, it just means you are too stupid and under-educated to understand it, and too insecure to appreciate it.

Whilst the scrapping between to two parties is good in the fact it might spell the end of both, unfortunately it isn’t that simple, nationalists are, like hydras. Cut off one head, another 9 spring up in its place.

I for one would be all for banning these parties, but then, that makes us as bad as them, because if we do that, we censor them, and that violates the freedom of speech that decent people died to protect. They (unfortunately) have the right to hold that view, as I do that they are are boneheaded imbeciles that are so scared of change, they actually want to “Ban the burkha” (BNP Manifesto, 2010, Counter Jihad: Confronting the Islamic Colonisation of Britain) The BNP argue that its because Islam treat women as second class citizens. I think the more likely reason is because they think you could hide an explosive vest under one. You COULD hide an explosive vest under a normal jacket dick-heads, but that doesn’t mean to say anyone WILL…

The EDL think Sharia law will be introduced (The EDL’s Mission Statment, Section 2, DEMOCRACY AND THE RULE OF LAW: Promoting Democracy And The Rule Of Law By Opposing Sharia)

SHARIA LAW WILL NEVER BE INTRODUCED INTO A WESTERN DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY YOU MORONS. Their paranoia and “What if’s” drive me mental. “What if Muslims outnumber White Brits?” yeah, what about it? the majority of modern British Muslims are liberal Muslims. LIBERAL MUSLIMS, no burkha, no Hijab (headscarf) they drink, smoke and do everything white Brits do. They are no more a threat  to British society than a 3 month old baby is. Under-educated fuck-wits like yourselves though, are a completely different story.

Lest we forget the Nazi Party’s immigration policies/paranoia… Oh sorry, that’s right, the Holocaust never happened… My bad.

Whilst the EDL talk a good fight (with regards to the fact its mission statement is very well written, and belies the true nature of the organisation) it still, all the same attracts the same knuckle-dragging morons that tend to follow the rest of the mainstream bigots. The Skinhead, tattooed, fuck-wit fraternity who’s only only conversational points revolve around kicking all the immigrants out and how some pathetically piss-poor football team did at the weekend.

Whilst it appears that the public support for such parties are waning, its usually only a matter of time before another socially-acceptable face of a far right party emerges, and gains support. these things seem to work in 15 year cycles, and they prey on fear and over-hyped, sensationalist journalism to fuel the flames.

Fortunately, the younger generation seem more tolerant, and with a bit of luck, in a few generations, this problem will hopefully have been eradicated for good.

Or maybe that’s being too hopeful…

I await the hate filled, scornful comments, stating that I’m anti-British (I am, I’m Scottish NOT British but that doesn’t make me a racist, and is an entirely different story) from afore-mentioned knuckle dragging Millwall and Chelsea fans but respectfully request they “RAM” their comments, as I have no more interest in hearing them, than they do of seeing British Muslims allowed the same rights as every other British citizens.


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