Paedophiles given right to challenge being placed on the sex offenders register

Paedophiles given right to challenge being placed on the sex offenders register
What the hell????
‘There is no proven or recognised “cure” for adult sex offenders who abuse children and they must therefore always be considered a risk.
‘We can only try to control and contain their behaviour through a combination of treatment and monitoring by the authorities if they are released back into the community.’

So who in their right mind would allow this? I guess someone who has not been abused! Most of the people that have been abused would feel safe in knowing they are kept on a register and being monitored by the authorities for their own safety and for preventing others from getting abused. Considering earlier in July 2012 it was revealed that sex criminals are being released from jail without treatment to stop them re-offending, so the comment above, to try to control and contain their behaviour is a load of bullshite, some are being released with no treatment at all and in my opinion they should never be release back into the community.

‘Lie detector tests are going nationwide after a trial as this helps. A pilot scheme found the forced truth sessions made abusers twice as likely to confess to parole breaches and twisted thoughts.’ This will not stop the abuser from abusing, it might make them think more, but will not stop them from abusing and a confession is too late when someone has been abused! Who the hell think of this? Oh yes, bloody human rights people, what about the human rights of the people abused??? They are mentally affected for the rest of their lives and nothing can repair that and this in turn affects every part of their future from the day they got abused!

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‘Home Secretary Theresa May said she would make ‘the minimum possible changes to the law’ to comply with the Supreme Court ruling.’, I would say fuck the Supreme Court ruling, Theresa May need to grow some balls like the rest of the government and start to stand up for the people!
‘Currently prisoners have to wait 15 years after being released from jail to be able to apply to be removed from the register. Saturday marks 15 years since sex offenders were first required to register with police.’ This is crap, if they have done it once, they are likely to do it again and 15 years of being on the register is not long enough and why should they be able to clear their names?? They shouldn’t! I remember watching a TV programme on Paedophiles being put back into the community. They were interviewed and most admitted they could not stop the urges and found it very hard to be back into the community and not offend again, I think this says it all!! So the likely hood is they will offend again! Also we must not forget about all the money spent on the ones being put back into the community and the money involved by keeping tabs on them. It would be better to keep them in prison and make them be guinea pigs for scientist’s to try and work out what the hell is going on in the brains of such people. Some people would argue that some people abused as children can become abusers as adults, learnt behaviour, so to speak, in my opinion that is an excuse, projecting blame to elsewhere and not owning up/admitting to your own behaviour! Anyone can break a cycle, stop doing what they know is wrong or not do what is wrong in the first place, it is called free will, everyone has free will!

But there are people on the register that are not your typical sex offenders, by this I mean the following as an example. A young guy having sex with someone who is 15, he might not of know she was 15, he might have been lied too about her age and she might of agreed to it. Cases like these are different. I personally feel in cases like this, exceptions should be made and some would argue he should not be on the register in the first place.



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