How many more times are Social Services going to fail our children???

How many more times are Social Services going to fail our children???

You would think social services and the police would learn from previous cases of children being murdered by family members. Social services always say, we can learn from this case and make sure it does not happen again, this was said after Shannon Matthews was found and still nothing have changed, too many children are being murdered/slipping through the net. The most recent big media case is that of Tia Sharp, even the police had warned social services, another innocent child taken because she was not protected by the people that are suppose to protect her. I will not go into detail about this case as it is a blog on its own with all the cock ups made by the police on investigating her disappearance and eventually finding her body.

‘Tests found that Lia, who is understood to have been known to social services, had suffered what police called ‘significant internal injuries caused by violence’.

Lia was failed by the social services along with so many other children, I think those that personally fail her should pay, lose their jobs and maybe worse, should bring in some sort of charge for neglect of duty.

It makes me angry when other people are put under social services for no reason and those that need protecting are failed by the system. I think re-training is needed in many areas along with psychology based learning about body language, detecting lies etc, I don’t know if that is part of their training, if it is then they havent learnt a thing, if not then it should be. You can learn a lot by watching a person and major thing for me would be to ask the children themselves, I know children can lie but some will not. When I took one of my kids to hospital for a broken bone, they asked me what happened, I told them to ask the child, not me and they looked at me strangely. Any child that is admitted to hospital is looked at, we all know this, so why not ask the child what actually happened.

‘Yesterday one neighbour said they would often see Lia playing in the street and added: ‘She was often called the little princess because she had such a fair face and lovely blonde hair and a lovely smile. It’s such a tragedy and everyone is in utter shock.’

What the hell was she doing playing out on the street at 3 years old????? That in itself poses a lot of questions. I certainly did not let my 3 years old play out on the streets. Usually when children are out on the street at that age its because the parents don’t want them in the house. I have seen very young children out at late hours at night, because the parents don’t want them in the house. Why have kids then????? I know many parents nowadays will not allow their kids out even when the kids are older as the streets are not seen as safe anymore and it does not matter where you live in this day and age as the streets are not safe. Mind you, some kids would be safer out on the streets than in their own homes.

Neighbours of neglected children will rarely do anything nowadays to help children that are neglected, they turn a blind eye as ‘don’t want to get involved’ so in some cases of neglect, neighbours should be responsible and do something about it, some neglected children might not be known to social services as some are very good at keeping of the radar. But the attitude of most nowadays is, if it don’t affect me then why should I care, one day this same attitude will affect them when they need help. It is a child for gods sake, so yes be responsible and do something about it. A child can not help themselves, I mean what could a 3 year old do????

I am not suggesting report every child going as that would be stupid, but good parents will know if a child is neglected or not. Some parents might just need help with parenting as they could be struggling for a number of reasons and maybe do not know where to ask for help or want to, as they could be scared to what might happen if they ask for help, but they would be thankful in the end, as help is out there but because of the scare stories of children taken into care for no reason, this will put a lot of people off asking for help, the whole child protection needs an over haul, so people feel they can go and ask for help if needed.

Social services really do need to look at how they deal with families known to social services and stop failing so many and neighbours, school, playschools also need to re-evaluate how they deal with suspected neglected children.

I know some social workers are frustrated as they have certain rules to follow etc, so the rules need changing too, surely every case is different and rules to a point are useless in some cases. If I felt a child was being abused and the rules stopped me from doing anything about it, I would have to break the rules and do something, if I lost my job because I saved one child then It would be worth it, there are always ways to bend the rules if you have too!



  1. DEREK SAUNDERS · · Reply

    Hi, I have been reporting my grandson being mentally abused by his mother and father for nine months but the scale that social services use to determine if a child is in danger is by the way they are dressed and how well they eat. Unfortunately now they are dealing with a generation that grew up having to wear brand name clothes and now they use their children as a fashion statement so they are going to be well dressed but I think I would much prefer them to be scruffy and loved and treated right. The worst thing about it is that now they know about the abuse and choose not to act upon it there is nowhere else to go so although my grandson is only two and is already being referred to a specialist regarding psychological problems still no alarm bells ringing with social services. I guess we’ll just have to wait for them to say that there were missed opportunities and lessons must be learnt as they do in so many cases when it’s too late.

  2. Social services are corrupt they do a rubbish job for the good money and not because they want to help children. I have called social services asking for help and been ignored on a number of occasions. I have had letters from them telling me they have ignored me because they have decided I was not in crisis regardless to calls I have made to them asking for help they throw money at bad parents to shut them up and ignore those in need which is neglect. My son has a diagnosis and bundles of evidence that they are not meeting his needs yet they do not care! The system is corrupt if you have a friend or family working for them you will not go without I say name and same them and sack them, give them a criminal record for neglect! I will keep fighting for what my son needs this mum is NOT being fobbed off!!!

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