Another case of Police abusing their power

Father-of-two sprayed in the face with powerful chemical and hit with baton by police after peaceful protest in Tesco store over faulty TV.

Another case of Police abusing their power, we are seeing this more and more and this has to stop.

This bloke was having a peaceful protest, at what point did it warrant him being sprayed in the face and hit with a baton by police?  He was one guy on his own, sitting on a chair protesting and looking at the picture in the article he is casually sitting there.

‘The first officers arrived at the scene approximately 10 minutes after the call but when the man became aggressive, officers called for emergency assistance and a further four units were called as precaution.’

If you look at the pictures on the DM article, he is sitting on a chair with his arms behind the chair and the police are trying to get his arms, another picture shows him on the floor in front of the chair, so how did he become aggressive? He was sitting on a chair with no use of his hands.

I have seen first-hand how police can be, where I use to live, someone was arrested and posed no threat to anyone, he was face down on the floor with handcuffs on and I witnessed an officer kicking the crap out of him.

When they are faced with proper criminals the police back off.  I know this from personal experience, I had something happen nearly 2 years ago involving a foreign gang and put it this way, it was totally a waste of time going through the system, not all evidence was taken at/from the scene and I forced them to take some evidence, evidence was not used or lost, 2 people disappear not to be seen since and so much more, the list goes on and on.

This is a link to a video of a police officer stamping on someone’s head, the person is already on the floor handcuffed, and I have also included a slowed shorter version which shows it clearly and the original footage.

The Police really need to sharpen up their acts and get tough on full time criminals and stop abusing their power on the everyday person.

Below is a link to show another way they abuse their power, which includes unauthorised use of police databases, a police officer used the database to look up information about vulnerable women from Derby’s red light district.  He was jailed for two-and-a-half years for having sex with a prostitute while on duty. One officer was disciplined for looking at pornographic websites on a police computer.

Today Cumbria Police chief suspended during misconduct probe

In this day, you would think the police would behave to set an example, but this is not the case, we are seeing more and more abuse of their power, be it for self- gain or against the normal every day person.  How can we, the average person, trust the police when abuse of power is shown on a regular basis, I personally cannot, but that is more to do with my personal experiences.  A lot of people have lost faith in the police and would rather sort things out themselves than go through the police, this I can fully understand, but I am not saying it is right, but I do understand how people get to feel like this, as this is how I feel.

The police have tried to show they are ok, by going to schools and trying to befriend children at a young age, this will work until the child gets older and form their own opinions from their own experiences and what they see.

Shame as the old style policing was better not perfect, but at a least you knew something would be done if a crime happened against you and you didn’t have to be worried about the type of force the police might use if you happen to get arrested for things such as, protesting while sitting in a chair in Tesco’s.

Yes there are some good police officers but they are few and far between…


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  1. dear sir or vagina:

    i have two quotes before i get into my complaint against one policevagina, as well as the entire pennsylvania state police in indiana, pennsylvania.

    “The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently held that speech may not be prohibited simply because some may find it offensive,” said Ira P. Robbins, a law professor from American University in Washington, D.C. “Virtually every time someone is arrested for this, assuming there’s no other criminal behavior … the case is either dismissed before trial or the person is convicted at trial and wins on appeal.”

    “Police have been known to retaliate with traffic tickets or making arrests for disorderly conduct, but criminal charges are routinely dismissed. Criminal law “generally aims to protect persons, property, or the state from serious harm. But use of the middle finger simply does not raise these concerns in most situations,” Robbins wrote in a law review article, “Digitus Impudicus: The Middle Finger and the Law.”

    A Pittsburgh man, David Hackbart, won a $50,000 settlement last year after being cited for disorderly conduct for flipping off an officer. The charge was “retaliatory” and violated his constitutional rights, a federal judge ruled.

    dear sir or vagina,

    i need help in the form of legal representation against the indiana, pennsylvania state police. i am writing to as many lawyers/officers as i can, in hopes that someone will care enough about the abuse of power shown to me by the indiana, pennsylvania state police and one specific policevagina named abby blazavich. this vagina needs to be put in her place, by any means necessary. she has no right to harass me or anyone else who merely comments online about her asexual appearance. she has no right to imply that her name is copyrighted – she does not own her name, i am free to use it as my drag-name as well as my pseudonym. please contact me at

    i am “traumatically brain-injured,” and i feel my injury is being exploited by a policevagina named abby blazavich. i have written two letters in an effort to get some representation for my date in court. the first ticket said that the date in court was in the middle of october, but the date changed to the end of october after i paid two $50 amounts for both tickets.

    i will enclose the two letters i’ve written, but basically i was given two citations after they decided not to arrest me for insulting a little vagina by posting online that she looks like a man. i had no contact with the vagina, i merely saw its picture on and then made a petition on entitled, “Get Transsexuals and Anyone Looking Transgendered Off Of The Police Force”. the indiana, pennsylvania police had to be MAJORLY talked down by my therapist and an fbi agent who knows me from harmless antics i’ve done in the past and was investigated for. if they were not advised by my people, i was told they would have “brought me in”. this is uncalled for in a matter of freedom of speech.

    the citations are for bogus “offenses,” including making a facebook page in the policevagina’s name (which has been my drag-name since discovering the trannie in 2012), but the page had my own picture on it (as well as essays i have written that were signed in my name). nobody, not even madonna, owns their name. madonna had to fight to get from a pornographer who bought it before madonna tried to. another bogus “offense” that the citations are for is insulting the vagina by calling her a genderivoid – that is my word for anyone who looks as asexual as abby blazavich looks. opinions are protected speech, which makes moot the complaint of my inventing an insulting condition and attributing it to the vagina.

    the offenses that they have accused me of are unheard of and i should not even have to go to court to defend myself. i’m totally covered under “freedom of speech,” and i know that if abby the vagina was not a police officer then there is no way i’d have been sent a citation for stating my opinions.
    here follow the previous letters:

    my name is dylan.

    i no longer need help with everyday tasks like dressing, but if you could provide a lawyer or any legal assistance, my email is

    i had a “traumatic brain-injury” on june 24, 1990, and i feel that i am being played and deceived by the pennsylvania state police regarding a bogus citation i received in the mail.

    my court-date is at the end of october, i have spoken to two lawyers, but i don’t believe they are lawyers who specialize in matters of free speech (or at least not as much as groups like the aclu), so i am wanting some information on what to do about a ticket/summons i got in the mail only because i criticized a certain policevagina named abby blazavich and her asexual appearance.

    i do drag every summer in cranberry township. in 2012, i named my “drag self” after an asexual police officer i saw a picture of online. well, i recently was sent a citation/summons for…hmn, the citation made me think that it is a crime to comment online about a police officer’s asexual appearance. to make a long story short, i called an officer a “genderivoid” in an essay i posted through facebook and on a few different websites, but i honestly was unsure of the officer’s gender based on its appearance and on the impression i got when i saw its picture. i didn’t intend to “annoy or alarm” the vagina, but that’s what the ticket says. the other one was sent because i “created a physically offensive condition which served no legitimate purpose,” and also because i didn’t stop the insult after being instructed to, but facebook removed my “abby blazavich” account (which was complete with a picture of myself and my own name under every essay i posted to the account), and i was unable to post anything else under the name of “abby blazavich” even if i wanted to. the account was removed before the police came to my house.

    i maintain that abby blazavich gives the police force a weak name, not only because it became an officer on account of the lesser physical requirements expected of members of the lesser gender, but because it is a crybaby who cries until its critics are attacked. i feel raped and violated because of every hassle that abby blazavich put me though, and i know i would feel more raped and violated if both my therapist and the fbi agent who knows me from past online cyber-dealings weren’t absolutely certain that i am not a threat to anyone. the vagina and company (indiana, pennsylvania state police) would have arrested me, just for commenting on abby blazavich’s asexual appearance.


    abby blazavich needs to be removed from the indiana, pennsylvania state police. ALL vaginas need to be removed from positions of authority because PINK alludes to RED menstruation and WHITE breastmilk, which alludes to stay-at-home moms, but i’ll keep this letter alluding to the vagina named abby blazavich.

    the following is a letter i am sending to attorneys and statesmen who fight against police corruption and the abuse of power that i have been shown by the state police in indiana, pennsylvania. if you can provide legal assistance in any way, that would be appreciated.
    dear sir or vagina:

    discrimination regarding my homosexuality, Traumatic Brain-Injury and the indiana, pennsylvania state police:

    my name is dylan terreri. i am a summertime cross-dresser, i had a “traumatic brain-injury” on june 24, 1990, and i am the victim of either anti-gay harassment or anti-disability harassment done by the indiana, pennsylvania state police, as well as one policevagina named abby blazavich.

    i am mailing this letter to “traumatic brain-injury” groups and also to other organizations who may have the authority to PENALize the policevagina (and also the whole indiana, pennsylvania state police department) regarding the harassment i have experienced. my court-date is in the middle of october, it is over a bogus “charge” (harassment and disorderly conduct) that cannot be justified without a little use of “creative license” being applied to the law.

    this is the letter (with some edits/additions) which i had originally written with regards to the state police and their harassment of citizens who comment on an officer’s picture online. —————–
    dear sir or vagina:

    i would like to sue the state of pennsylvania and the united states government for emotional distress. my name is dylan terreri, i – my website is – my complaint is regarding both pennsylvania’s indiana police department and a specific vagina who works there named abby blazavich. this vagina sent the police or fbi to my house, in july of 2013, on account of a facebook account i created in “her” name (her name happens to be my drag-name since 2012 – that’s when i first saw the picture of the policevagina who looked like a policeman. yes, i do drag in the stores of cranberry township with the identity of “abingdon blazavich,” daily during during the summer).

    “abby” is short for “abingdon,” so i joined facebook under the name “abby blazavich”. this facebook account featured my own picture, i commented on news stories with this “abby blazavich” account and signed the posts using my real name, and i consider it an abuse of power for the policevagina to have me charged with “harassment” and “disorderly conduct” on account of the existence of a similar name. if abby was not a police officer, there is not a chance that i would have received a ticket for “harassment” or “disorderly conduct”. for crying out loud, not even madonna owns the name “madonna,” and madonna’s ownership of the domain “” wasn’t a simple task because someone else owned it before her.

    the emotional distress i went through was not caused immediately by lawmen knocking on my door, it was caused a week later after the realization hit me, the realization of my having come so close to being arrested. i was at home when i started sweating and feeling both light-headed and sick to my stomach, and after a while, i thought i just needed to get out. so, i went to the grocery store for a sandwich and a drink. well, after eating the sandwich, my head was not relieved, so i bought exedrin migraine – no, it wasn’t a migraine that i had but i am so a-c-c-u-s-t-o-m-e-d to buying this aspirin because i got headaches a lot until i went to the hospital and got medication to ward-off the headaches so i don’t have to take so many liver-damaging migraine-pills.

    to continue, i will give you the whole story. there is a super-stud who works at the cranberry township police department who has been on my mind since 2008 when he pulled me over for expired tags – i wanted to learn his name so i could stop referring to him as “the super-stud who works at the cranberry township police department,” so i went onto to see if my brain-damaged memory could identify him. on that website, i got a look at one picture of a vagina named abby blazavich – i thought she looked like a transvestite who was trying to seem manly (despite the LESSER bodyheight and bodyweight and bodystrength which all members of the vagina-gender seem to share), and i complained about the masculine wannabee – BY NAME – on various websites, stating that any vagina who looks like a man should not serve on a police force to be looked up to by kids with impressionable gender-identies.

    i also signed up for facebook with the name “abby blazavich,” i uploaded a picture of nobody but MYSELF – and then used that profile to comment (SIGNED N MY REAL NAME) on news stories i had run into on various websites. though i believe i am justified in saying that abby blazavich looks like a masculine-wannabee/transvestite who harbors as many gender-identity issues as a lesbian (see reclist.html and look for “abby blazavich”), it appears that abby the vagina didn’t like my screen-name of “abby blazavich” being attached to the topics i write about and/or the offensive way i write. she must have whined and belly-ached to her superiors (who ISN’T superior to a little vagina) and soon the police or fbi were at my door. hmn, i think the fbi came regarding a “elect duane rape” page i made earlier this past summer (with a name like “duane rape,” how can wordplay not be expected?).

    anyway, i maintain that if i (dylan jacob terreri, the first) wrote under facebook-names such as “james brown” or “jakob dylan” and complained about the masculine-wannabees and masculivoids known as feminists and gay “men,” neither jakob dylan nor anyone named james brown could have complained enough to get the police over to my house. furthermore, i will say that if online fake-identities are illegal, i demand a full investigation be done to apprehend the homo who misrepresented himself to me in 1997 via an aol profile – i would have NEVER told him my hotel’s room-number if i knew what he really looked like.

    maybe if he looked a little more like abby blazavich, then i would have been inclined to suck his dick.

    facebook claims to have billions of members, but they don’t take into consideration the number of people (like myself) who have more than one account. facebook claims to have billions af members, yet there are so many accounts belonging to “josh lane,” for instance. i maintain that if there can be many accounts of men named “josh lane” then there can be many accounts of vaginas named “abby blazavich”. the name “abby blazavich” is not exclusive to the little vagina who works at the police department, the name is not exclusively HER property, and she had NO RIGHT to have my emotional well-being jolted simply because she was offended that essays written by dylan terreri, i (AND SIGNED THAT WAY) were attached to a facebook-account featuring the name “abby blazavich” as well as MY OWN PICTURE.

    i had little contact with the police and/or fbi, this is because i see a therapist who was contacted, but either a policeman or an fbi-man came to my house (after my therapist told me that one would) to talk to me. he told me that what i did (i’m sure he meant my having made a fake facebook-account) was bordering on “identity-theft”. i maintain that it was MY PICTURE that was on the account, it was MY NAME under every essay that was attached to the account, and to even suggest “identity theft” in this situation is as ridiculous as a recruiter at a police department who is suggesting that a vagina can do anything a man can do while entry-level requirements FOR that police department are lessened for the lesser gender.

    it was UNWARRANTED for authorities to have been called on account of a duplicate name being used on facebook. “josh lane” isn’t the only name that is attached to a plethora of facebook accounts. policemen and policevaginas do NOT have special rights and they should NOT be permitted to send the police to anyone’s house simply because anyone made a facebook account in the name of a policeman or a policevagina. ESPECIALLY when the picture attached to that facebook account does not represent the police officer named…or even the gender which the police officer’s name implies.

    i would like to sue the state of pennsylvania and the united states government for emotional distress. i got a ticket in the mail for “harassment” and another one for “disorderly conduct,” $500 each, and i believe that these charges are bogus enough to defend myself in court. i was told that i should hire a lawyer anyway, but i maintain that i did nothing harassing to the policevagina named abby blazavich. if she felt harassed by someone with the same name as her then it’s simply a matter of her ego. she does not own the name “abby blazavich” exclusively, and her desire to get me in trouble just makes her out to be just another manipulative vagina who cries “rape”…or, in this case, “wolf”. this is like one of the thousands of phony rape charges which are filed out of spite for the stronger gender and filed by members of “the pipsqueak gender”. to think that she’s the only one who is allowed to have her name is simply ego-driven madness.

    furthermore, facebook deleted my “abby blazavich” account even before i was informed of the policevagina’s complaints. i tried to log-on one morning and i was unable to, it was that afternoon that the policeman came. i assume that the policevagina contacted facebook and told them to delete my screenname. i maintain that it is an abuse of power for the little vagina to have a ticket sent to me simply because i made a facebook-account in her name and commented on many news stories with offensive language (my therapist told me that she blew the name off at first, and only was offended enough to file a complaint when she saw my potty-mouthed style of writing and the offensive topics i write about).

    “thou shalt not take abby blazavich’s name in vain” – oh, really? this is a bogus complaint filed against me. it is a lie because i would have consciously stopped posting on facebook in her name if facebook didn’t delete the account before i even spoke to police. i couldn’t have posted anything more even if i wanted to.

    abingdon “abby” blazavich is my drag-name when i’m dressed in short shorts/low-cut tanks, the name was inspired by my love of football studs like jeb blazavich whose abs make me horny (i get horny when i see a man’s horn in the locker room, and i get abby when i see his abs).

    i AM abby blazavich.

    mr. dylan terreri, i
    dr. sheldon cooper, ii
    miss abingdon blazavich
    “When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it.” – Madonna

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