23 years late but not a moment too soon…

Yesterday, we witnessed something truly awe inspiring. We witnessed football fans of every team unite and sing for justice, following an online campaign started only a few days ago.

Grounds all over the country echoed to the sound of “You’ll never walk alone” and chants of “justice for the 96” sung at 3.06 in the aftermath of the recent hillsborough cover-up revelations.

Sunderland, Arsenal, Norwich, even in Scotland at the St. Mirren v Hearts and the St. Johnstone v Celtic match, fans remembered the 96 in a show of solidarity to the football family as a whole.

All except a small minority of Manchester united fans. Having watched and supported the campaign on twitter, I had no inkling this was going to happen, Manchester united fans were publicly supporting the cause just like every other team were, however it appears the minority of knuckle-dragging fuckwits couldn’t let it go for one day, even after an appeal by their own manager, and instead chose to chant “always the victim, it’s never your fault”. A chant the Manchester united supporters trust tried to play down as a chant aimed at first Luis Suarez, then the Heysel disaster. Either way, it is no less inappropriate, and has brought nothing but condemnation from football fans all over Britain.

The Shut Down The Sun campaign (@ShutDownTheSun on twitter) has proactively been encouraging the “justice for the 96” chants, and I truly believe without their tireless dedication and hard tweeting, this may never have happened. They alone have brought together so many fans from so many clubs for the JFT96 cause as well as the HIllsborough Family Support Group (@HFSG_official on twitter) and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (@HJC_official in twitter) who have all been tirelessly campaigning and bringing awareness to the cause. Please please please, join these groups and support the cause, your voice IS invaluable.

Getting YNWA to number 1 in the iTunes chart was also a great feat, let’s hope people continue to buy it to get it to number 1 in the national charts also.

I can’t, however, believe or understand celebrities not speaking out on this. Granted, a few have done, Rihanna being the most outspoken, branding the sun an “arsehair” amen and well said. Now all we need to do is make others realise that rather than risking your careers you will, in fact be receiving more respect from the very people who keep you in your jobs. More awareness and support will be gained from just a few words, so I urge you, speak up and stand amongst the people.

Katie price, (now, where do I begin with that media whore?) has in her infinite wisdom, written an article about hillsborough in none other than… Wait for it… The sun… Genius on her behalf, i have to say. But then, It’s not like she’s famous for her intelligence, sparkling insight and social commentary now is it? Hardly surprising then that she, and she alone would think this appropriate…

I hope she’s prepared for the media backlash that’s coming, because lets be honest, even spin king, Alastair Campbell would be hard pushed to get her out of this PR nightmare. I’m glad now, that she’s shown herself as exactly what she is. A half-witted bimbo with about as much moral fibre and character as a cheese sandwich. And even then I think that’s harsh on the cheese sandwich.

She’s about as qualified to speak about hillsborough, as she is on good parenting. Does she even remember it? or was she too busy becoming “popular” behind the bike sheds? If only her IQ was as big as her bra size…




  1. kats pajamas · · Reply

    I couldnt agree more with everything you’ve said….except for the rant at the end attacking Katie Price, dont get me wrong i agree with everything you’ve said there too but to make it a personal attack on her is wrong. It is supposed to be about the assholes that are the sun and their cover up.

    1. She added insult to injury by even writing about hillsborough in that rag. It was inappropriate and she should have know better. I wonder if she even cares how the families felt about it?

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