The American media’s 9/11 myth…

21st December 1988
22nd December 1989
15th June 1996
15th August 1998
11 march 2004
7th July 2005

Any of these dates ring a bell?

They are, in order, the Lockerbie bombing, the Deal barracks bombing, the Manchester bombing, the Omagh bombing, the Madrid train bombing and the London bombings.

Now, before I start let me say this. 9/11 was an atrocious and outrageous attack. Nearly 3000 innocent people died needlessly, which is awful, and my thoughts are with their families.

I feel it appropriate however to point out that this post is NOT an attack on the victims or their families, it is an attack on the American media that thinks this terror attack is more important than any other BECAUSE Americans died. Now, i realise this may sound controversial, but, never the less, it needs saying.

Dear American media,
9/11 Is NOT, I say again, NOT the only terror attack ever to happen in history.
Yours sincerely
The world.

Whilst no less tragic 11 years after the incident, I can’t help but wonder why the media still has an obsession with 9/11? When for years they didn’t give a flying fuck about the IRA bombings in mainland Britain, or the daily bombings in Pakistan, the daily terror attacks in Israel and Palestine or the ETA bombings in Spain.

Why? Because it didn’t affect them… The America government and the American media have the “were all right jack” attitude, unless it affects them, they don’t really care. But when it does, my god do they let everyone else know about it…

Every year on 9/11 we are flooded with the upsetting images, every year, we are reminded what a tragedy it is by the American media, and every year, the rest of the worlds media jumps on the bandwagon, so as not to upset America. Fuck that.

Ask yourself this though, when was the last time an American media outlet remembered a terror attack outside of the US? Exactly…

A bit rich then, when you bear in mind the American government was secretly sending money to the IRA. Why? To keep Irish-American votes…

So, let me get this straight, you DON’T report about deaths you helped fund abroad, but you DO report about deaths you helped fund when it’s on YOUR soil? Righty-o, as long as we have that straight then.

If you are wondering what I’m referring to with regards to the “deaths you helped fund on your soil” comment, the CIA armed and trained the Taliban and Al Qaeda when Bin Laden was in the good lads club, during the Russio-Afghan war in the 80’s. You can’t teach an animal to kill, then be surprised when it bites you on the arse.

The American media needs to remember, people care about 9/11 because the victims were PEOPLE, they do not give a fuck that they were Americans. Get over yourselves.

The tragic victims of 9/11 are NO more or Less worthy of remembering, than all the other victims of terror attacks worldwide. Try to remember that next year when you’re pouring your “let’s feel sorry for America” propaganda down the worlds throats again.

The brutal truth of it is this. If 9/11 had never happened, the chances are, Europe would be fighting in Afghanistan on its own with no US help, and Bin Laden would still be alive and at large.

Whilst I have no doubt it is a comfort to the families of those victims of 9/11 that the world is remembering them, what about the families of victims of other terror attacks? What comfort do they get? How many of you actually remembered any of the terror attacks I previously mentioned UNTIL I mentioned them? Exactly… And yet the Madrid and London bombings happened AFTER 9/11.

The difference being, that those anniversaries are not force fed down our throats by the American media… Why? Because they couldn’t give a fuck about anyone who isn’t American.

If all I have achieved here is to bring awareness to other terror attacks, so be it. You are, by thinking about them, remembering the victims and their families, and that alone is a victory for each and every person who has to live daily with the loss of a loved one due to terror attacks.

How then, do we go about changing this? Well to me, the solution is simple and fitting.

Make 9/11 a world day of remembrance for ALL terror victims, no matter when and where they died. That way all families coping with the grief of losing a loved one can take comfort in the fact the world is remembering them, rather than being reminded about how the world only remembers the victims of 9/11.



  1. […] My point being, perhaps we would be advised to remember all victims of terrorism, regardless of nationality. As I discovered within minutes of writing this entry, I am not the only one to suggest it. […]

  2. Saw this just as I came online to write my own take on 9/11 and its commemoration. I have linked to this post, as it echoes my own sentiment:

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