Benefit cheats should pay it all back

This woman owes £ 78,000 and didn’t go to prison, why, ‘because it would cause hardship on her children’ and she is pregnant with her 9th child. She should have thought about that before she claimed. She has a partner, he could look after the children while she was in prison, after-all he was part of the crime, seriously take the pill and stop having kids!

‘Judge Ferris told her: ‘You stole £78,000 in benefits from the taxpayer and there is no prospect of repayment’.

She should pay it all back, end off!!! She knowingly claimed and should pay it back. When judges allow people like her to get away with it, others will not think twice about claiming falsely as they can see, some people do get away with it.

Another case of falsely claimed benefits…–sending-son-posh-private-school.html

But they didn’t go to prison either and why did they claim? He was earning £1,500 a week; some people don’t get that in a month, let alone a week. Why is she still on benefits??? This I cannot understand, his wages are now £500 a week, seriously if you cannot live of £500 a week there is something major wrong with how they manage their money!

‘Mrs Williams to do 180 hours unpaid work and Mr Williams to do 125 hours’. So they should work unpaid and good to see they are having to pay £2,500 even thou they owe about £11,500, still not good enough but least this case shows that you will get punished for it, unlike the other one above but not punished enough in my eyes. These people should be made an example off.

There are a lot of people that are having their benefits cut or stopped because of the reshuffle of the benefits system by the government, but generally most of these people are actually in need of the benefits and some will not be able to live a basic life of paying for fuel, water, food etc., especially if they have a spare room, while those above scam the system and get away with it. People with spare rooms are now having to pay for them, most single people in flats; take the flats as that is all that is offered to them as families do not like to take flats if houses are readily accessible. So these single people are now paying the price for taking a place that no-one else wants.

The government’s reshuffle of the benefits system was done partly to stop benefit fraud, that’s all good and well but it is affecting those that need it most and those that are committing benefit fraud are not getting punished, mixed signals I feel!

I will not discuss the issues of people claiming when they could work, as that is a subject on its own, not saying I am of that opinion at all, but there are many issues to why people claim when some seem ‘fit ; to work, so I will leave that there.



  1. Tony Hand · · Reply

    I would like to see the very well paid MPs that fraudulently claimed expenses in prison first.
    Or the huge tax dodging conglomerates that get away with evading billions rather than going after the little people who have sponged a few quid.

  2. I agree with you Tony 100%, it might happen one day, lets hope

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