New year lay-offs: Army to fire 8,000 soldiers in ‘fast-track’ redundancies and sackings of over-45s

New year lay-offs: Army to fire 8,000 soldiers in ‘fast-track’ redundancies and sackings of over-45s

‘Eight thousand British soldiers – many serving on the front line in Afghanistan – will be told days after Christmas that they are to lose their jobs’

What a great present that is going to be! Thanks for fighting in one of the worse conflicts but you are now sacked! And by the way, there will be no support for you, even if you need it, you have to deal with everything yourself and maybe become homeless in the process.

‘But now The Mail on Sunday has discovered that the MoD will make a single devastating cut of 8,000 servicemen and women, reducing the Army to 86,000 – its smallest size since the 1700s. A further 4,000 soldiers will go before 2020’

So how the hell are the forces supposed to protect our country let alone being forced to invade other countries?? Our forces cannot cope as it is and we are force fed the terrorist crap all the time, surely if the terror attack was as bad as the government forces down our throats, all the time, the numbers should be going up to protect our country from these so called attacks, yep mixed signals there…

But the soldiers were needed when there was a cock-up with the security of the Olympics.

Most probably didn’t want to go into the last two conflicts, as most could probably could see what really was going on, but they still went and done their jobs.

It is well known that most soldiers have to buy extra equipment out of their own money, which takes the piss.

There is no support for the soldiers when they get back and if they suffer from any type of mental health problem, including PTSD and all those soldiers that have been injured, lost limbs etc., nothing there to help them after they have done their job. But they are happy to send them to conflicts, to see some horrible things that will never leave them, but not help them when they get back, this really rattles me and sadly a lot of soldiers do end up homeless because there is no support there, this is disgusting.

There are currently no jobs about, unemployment is high, and what the hell are these ex-soldiers going to do????

So why all the adverts over the TV wanting people to join the forces????? That is also taking the piss, you have 8,000 going to lose their jobs but at the same time they want new recruits, wtf is that about, perhaps those that get sacked should invade the commons and take over the government’s job, that invasion would be supported by nearly 100% of people in this country.


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