Muslims who oppose the poppy…

As Armistice day approaches, i’m drawn to wonder what the Choudary, Shah and all the other fuckwitted anti-remembrance Muslims will be up to this year…

I have to ask myself at this point why exactly the Muslims (and i’m not saying all do, but this applies ONLY to those that do) oppose the poppy? Lets cast our mind back to the second world war…

Hitler and the Germans occupied a lot of North Africa (Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and Tunisia to name a few) He was also committing mass genocide of gypsies, Jews and other ethnic groups, WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY THINK WOULD HAVE HAPPENED HAD HE HAVE GAINED FULL CONTROL OF NORTH AFRICA???

And although i cant say any war crimes DID happen in North Africa (at least none i could find whilst researching) I think we can say with a fair amount of confidence that genocide would have taken place, given his previous history with ethnic groups.

SO, why then, given that, do some Muslims oppose an international symbol of remembrance, which includes the liberation by allied forces of Muslim countries?


Those that oppose it, do so out of anger and haven’t bothered to properly look into the facts. The fact IS, the British soldiers (which they so vehemently oppose and deny those who’s lives saved their countries and indeed more than likely their families at the time) liberated their countries from the Germans. A regime that at the time was practicing genocide on level never seen before or since. So, ask yourself this… do you REALLY think Hitler wouldn’t have practiced the same on Muslims???? REALLY???

But its not just that, the said fuckwits, and i might add they are BRITISH Muslims for the most part who oppose the poppy, have been fined just £50 for publicly burning poppies and spray painting a British War Memorial with “Islam will dominate Osama is coming” he was fined £50 & walked free from court.

Now, correct me if i’m wrong, that is a hate crime. Hate crimes recently have been very severely punished in recent times, except if your a Muslim it seems…

Two men were recently sentenced to 12 months for spraying a poppy on a mosque. But, the whole story has not been told. Firstly, the two men, not only defaced a mosque but additionally put a brick through a window of an Asian run business and spray painted two other properties ran by Asians, and by the defendants own admission, were racially motivated. This is in contrast to Tohseef Shah who`s actions were deemed political.

SORRY? so there is a difference between hate crimes now is there? Racially motivated hate crimes are worse than politically motivated hate crimes now?


A hate crime is a hate crime, whether it is antisemitic  racist, political, homophobic or whatever. It should be met with the same punishment no matter WHAT the motivation, the crime is still EXACTLY the same. That being so, the sentence should be exactly the same also, regardless of what race, religion, creed etc, if you commit a hate crime, you should be punished for a hate crime, without motivation being taken into consideration.

The African campaign of World War Two, is often a forgotten conflict. People seem only to remember the lives lost in the occupation of Europe, and its liberation, but the soldiers who liberated Africa need to be remembered just as equally. Their sacrifice was no less than those in Europe, no matter what their nationality.

So, for all those anti-remembrance Muslims out there, i will say this…

Get your heads out of your arses and remember that without the sacrifices British soldiers made to liberate North Africa, chances are, you may not be here at all… you might do well to remember than next time you see a poppy…


Choudary, caught in the act for which he was fined just £50


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  1. Just get a few & wrap them in pig skins & hang them by there balls see how they like that

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