Welcome to Big Brother the UK Police state by the use of Benefit cash cards, Including Working Tax Credit

‘Alec Shelbrooke wants to prohibit benefits being spent on luxury items by introducing electronic cash cards which could only be used for essential items such as food and clothing.’
‘The cards would be similar to a chip and pin debit card but with a blocking function for non-essential items, the MP for Elmet and Rothwell told the House of Commons.’

While the idea of this is to ‘stop claimants from spending hand-outs on alcohol’ this will not work!  Who will decide what is essential items and non-essential items.  We all live differently and we all have different ideas to what are essential and non-essential items.  Their idea of essential is more and likely, eating top expensive meat whereas most on low wages or benefits would class that as non-essential food due to lack of money and opt for cheaper food.

Mr Shelbrooke, a parliamentary private secretary at the Northern Ireland Office, said the plan would end the ‘damaging perception’ that those who claimed benefits were scroungers who sponge off the state.’  This will just make things worse; those that have a card will feel ashamed, stigmatized and will be made to feel worthless, because everyone will know they are claiming.  Alot of people are becoming unemployed now, including people who have worked for years.  They want employment but most are finding it hard because of their age, as younger people are deemed better because they are paid a lower wage.  These people do not want to claim benefits in the first place, but do, imagine how they are going to feel with the stigma attached to the cards when using it.  Young people out of college are finding it hard to get a job because they lack experience, as a company will rather take someone on who has experience.  Many jobs are given to Eastern Europeans because they accept lower pay that takes away jobs for the people of the UK. More from Europe will be entering the UK next year so the problem will become worse!

So what happens when someone wants to treat their children to the cinema or other treats?

What happens when a separated parent has access to their child at weekends and cannot take them out or treat them or even get to see them by transport?

How are people to pay for transport to interviews and looking for jobs?

Will all shops accept these cards?

‘The cards can only be used to purchase ‘priority’ items such as food, housing, clothing, education and health care.’ What does housing mean? Let us hope it means being able to pay the water, gas and electric bills. What if you have animals, where does caring for them come under?

If they want to cut the benefit handouts, send the Eastern Europeans back home; they are part of who is draining our benefit system.  They can claim benefits including child benefit.  How much have they put into to system to warrant them claiming.  Nothing or bugger all, in many cases.  The Eastern Europeans that will come over to the UK next year will be able to claim benefits as soon as they enter this country and that is estimated at predicted 13,000 arrivals every year and currently one in every 67 citizens of eight former communist nations has moved here.

The cards will create more black markets and more crime; people will find alternative ways to get non-essentials.

How much will this system cost? Too much I expect, which will come out of the taxpayers money!

I would love for the policy makers to actually live of benefits for a year!!

‘His legislation would apply to all people on benefits – including those receiving working tax credits.’ THIS will affect those working!

I agree there are some people claiming that need a kick up the arse to get a job. However, currently many unemployed have lost their jobs that want to work and are finding it hard to get another job, most forget this and just think of the ones that have never worked all their lives!

This card will be more about control and monitoring. The government will have complete power over you and anything that you do.  YOU MUST SUBMIT TO YOUR GOVERNMENT AND OBEY.  I would not be surprised if the card is fitted with some sort of tracking device to monitor every move of each person that has one (RFID).  Just looking at how surveillance has increased in this country over the last few years, with CCTV everywhere and drones in the skies spying on people and the talk of other security measures at Train stations.  It is about controlling society, starting at the bottom and working up the social ladder to full control of all!  Look how CCTV crept into the UK and is now everywhere, but everyone accepts it as being normal as it was done little at a time so most do not notice the impact it would actually have on our privacy.


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