2 of the five Royal Marines released without charge…

congratulations British government…

You finally got something right. About time, its the first thing I’ve seen in 36 years on this planet, which because of loonatics like Thatcher and Cameron, have been fairly miserable years.

Now all we need are the other 3 released from their bail conditions (they are all currently working back on active duty) however my suspicion would be they are on light duties, which mean they will most likely not be deployed out of the country till this whole sorry affair has been resolved. This is not based in fact, this is merely MY take on the whole situ incidentally.

The whole sorry affair from start to finish, smacks of scapegoat-ism and at this time, while none of the details of who has been released and who remains on bail, have been released, i’m guessing that the patrol I/C will take the wrap for his men. Again, this is not confirmed, merely my take on the way things will go, according to how it has so far. I hope, i am wrong, and all are released, without charge.

After such a high profile case, someone is going to get fucked, proper fucked as well, and i have a feeling, it will be the patrol commander, who, i have no doubt had nothing more than the safety of the men under his command in his mind when trying to decide whether to use their own med-kits and administer aid to the dying insurgent(s).

Personally, its a no brainer for me. I would have given the order that under NO circumstances were they to use their own med-kits to administer aid to these insurgents. And i would be fully prepared to take the repercussion and comeback that that might entail. However, the law needs to bear in mind, that :

A) Withholding aid, whilst morally ambiguous, is not in itself a crime.

B) The safety of his men could have been significantly compromised if he had allowed them to use said med-kits on men who were, in all likelihood going to die from their injuries anyway.

C) It does NOT state, either in the Geneva Convention, OR the Rules of Engagement that aid must, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, be given. It states that WHEREVER PRACTICAL, aid should be given to the sick and wounded, but NOT, and this is the important bit, NOT, if it endangers your life in that process.

What are we to take by the fact that 6 Royal Marines have now been released, leaving only 3 in custody? I’m not too sure, i would think that its either they have something spectacular evidence wise (and lets be realistic here, we are NEVER going to know what they do and don’t have, as this could compromise the case, so anything i say is pure conjecture) , or they are going through the men one by one and dismissing them accordingly.

Unlikely, as i doubt that’s how the police work, and the fact they were all interviewed separately when they were taken into custody the first time they were arrested to eliminate the chance of a cover story, would suggest also this isn’t the case. Why would they keep them all apart, then release them on bail and interview them one at a time? makes no sense to me, but it isn’t IMPOSSIBLE, just very IMPROBABLE.

One thing, unfortunately i cannot see happening, is that they get off “Scott free”. Military law does not work like that. they will be charged with “conduct prejudicial to good order, and discipline within her majesties armed forces”, a charge that is always applied merely for being brought up on ANY charge. Which means, in likelihood, these Royals, will be disciplined/punished in some form, and military courts are notoriously stricter than civvy courts.

I just cant help feel that the script has already been written for them, and the worse thing about it is, that they will already know this. Bit of a morale sapper that, but they are, no doubt professional enough to crack on regardless. after all, 99.9% need not apply…

What a thank you for serving your country though… Thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears Royal, now be a good chap and bugger off will you…




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