Ignorance is endemic among fuckwits, extremism is NOT endemic among Muslims

Once again we have an appalling attack on a British Soldier. Once again, the fuckwit press have highlight the fact his attackers were Muslim. Once again, the majority of the uneducated, media led fuckwits of the British public have reacted angrily against Muslims.

One has to ask… How much attention would this story have got if the attackers hadn’t have been Muslims? The soldier, i have absolutely no doubt, would have gone without recognition and without a story to remember him by. Life would have gone on, and no-one would have been any the wiser.

Facebook has been awash with fuckwit racist comments regarding Muslims and “rag-heads” and how they are all the same. Indeed, there has even been a rise in retaliatory attacks against Muslims (for more details, click link)

Clearly, the EDL and other racist, knuckle dragging fuckwits, have trouble grasping the concept of individuality. That Evil is not endemic within a religion, it is indicative of the person, not the religion/doctrine.

The fuckwits are banging on about the Woolwich killings but odd, none of them seem to mention the British Soldier convicted of murdering a 10 year old Afghan boy. By that logic, that must make all white British Soldiers, child killers. and such is the thought process, or lack thereof of racists.

Clear thinking, rational, educated people, however, think differently though. John, from Norfolk had this to say:

There are two people responsible for the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich today. Not a religion, or a race, just two insane people. They are the criminals, and they alone should be held accountable.

Whilst Keith, from Edinburgh said this:

Some of the posts on here tonight are disgusting, not every Muslim is a terrorist, In fact many have died defending our nation. Im as horrified as anyone else with today’s horrific innocent murder, but get a grip.

The Islamic Society Of  Britain, quite rightly moved quickly to condemn the attacks.

islamAm i the only one who thinks that they shouldn’t have to do this though? These evil murderers were exactly that. Evil fucking nut-jobs who used religion as an excuse to commit an evil act. They are EXACTLY the sort of fuckwits that go to football matches as an excuse to fight. However, all football fans are not tarnished with that reputaion, so why should all Muslims be tarnished as extremists or terrorists?

The fact is, the majority of people who hold this view are fuckwits. Pure and simple, they are fuckwits. The rest are evil and trying to further their own right wing agenda. These sort of people are more a threat to this countries stabilisation than any Muslim, or indeed any terrorist. These are the people who need deporting, these are the types of fuckwit who need keeping away from society, not your average Muslim, who in the majority of cases is no more a threat than you or I.

Yet the knuckle dragging fuckwit racists escape punishment, whilst the Muslims have to deal with being treated like criminals just because of their religion. I say, round up the racists, put em on a ship and sink the fucker. Racism is a learned behaviour, not a natural one.


Ignorance is endemic among fuckwits, extremist is NOT endemic among Muslims, anymore than paedophilia is endemic among Catholics. Those who think otherwise are ignorant cunts, and need to grow up. Thats the long and the short of it.

This country is not in the mess it is now because of Muslims, its in the mess it is now because of fuckwits. Its as simple as that.

I shall leave you with this poem, posted on Facebook:

Just out for a walk after an early stack
Not looking for trouble not watching my back
Mothers with prams holding hands with their kids
Not paying attention to the car as it skids
Caught completely off guard not expecting what comes
One man with a knife another with guns.
No chance of defence no chance to fight back
Looking for help as the cowards attack
An angel arrives as the light turns to grey
A woman attempts to steer attackers away
My last thought of ‘Thank You’ never strays from my brain
As my body shuts down and I feel no more pain.

I look to my left and I look to my right
Thousands of squaddies are all that’s in sight
Uniforms are crisp and their faces are clean
No sign of anger or hate to be seen
As if by command they salute all as one
The RSM smiles, says ‘Welcome home son’.



  1. You make some excellent points here. This country spends far too much time being offended by each others views we seem to make every bad situation about our religious or cultural views. I tend to find Evil people are evil before they found religion. If religion didn’t exist they would find something else to hang their flag on.

    1. Spot on David. Exactly my point. football hooligans who are athiest find their excuse in footbal, druggies who are violent find their excuse in drugs. Evil will always find an excuse.

      Religion is not a reason. its an excuse. nothing more

  2. Becky · · Reply

    Here here Tam, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. justamumandanana · · Reply

    My Personal Experience of Terrorism

    I want to apologise to any of my family who may be upset and angry about me writing something so personal about a family tragedy that to this day still affects us on many levels. I truly hope you understand why I do this. x

    To any friends who are offended by anything I’m about to say…..well…maybe you should remove yourself from my friends list. If you do, I still wish you love and all the best. X

    20 years ago my family were hit by the most traumatic event we had ever faced. My young brother Lawrence, he was 26, was murdered whilst on active duty in Northern Ireland. He was murdered by the IRA. He left his wife and 18 month old daughter with us.

    Up until that point in my life I thought I’d felt pain and heartache…..I had no idea. The pain I felt instantly turned me into a person who could for the first time in her life, truly say she felt hate…pure unadulterated searing hate. I even remember my Mum say to me “I always told you all to never hate anyone, you may DISLIKE but never HATE…..I just feel HATE”….

    We’re the kind of family, a family huge in numbers, who were taught to deal with EVERYTHING with dignity and strength. Therefore we all pulled together, and I mean ALL, friends and family….and we got through bringing him home and saying goodbye. We did this with our heads held high, because once again when our heads dropped…especially on the day of his funeral, my Mum told us “Get your heads up, we will not give them (IRA) the satisfaction of seeing us cow-towed or getting anymore satisfaction from the pain they’ve caused.” And we did it….if she, his Mother could do it what right did we have not to???

    So I’d like to suggest that everyone screaming for revenge should show Lee’s Mum the respect of deciding how people should behave by following her and her families lead.

    However, as the months passed I got increasingly angrier and angrier, the pain just grew and grew. I began to notice that if I heard an Irish accent I’d clench my teeth, my body would tense and the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up, the rage would begin to pump through me to the point I would start shaking some times and would have to leave wherever I was as quickly as I could. I’d be thinking…”Was it you….or do you know who did it…..”

    Then one night whilst lying in a bath I really became aware of what I was thinking……I was lying in the bath, planning how I could find out who did this, this “being” who had inflicted this pain on my family and who ripped from me one of the most precious people in my life. To the point I was visualising getting a gun and putting it to this persons head……the image shocked me so much I remember my eyes flying open and me sitting bolt upright in the bath and sitting there shaking.

    I was stunned that me…someone like me….those of you who knew me before we lost Lawrence can vouch for the type of person I was and hopefully am again…who would never dream of hurting another human being had actually went through that thought process. I have never discussed this with anyone before now.

    At that moment I realised, I’d become the same as “THEM” the people who had murdered my brother. I felt ashamed…totally ashamed…..and my brother would have been ashamed of me too…I was turning into the very type of human being he was trying to defend people from.

    This was also the moment I decided that in fact, I could not let them win again…they would not in essence destroy the person I was as well as taking my brother’s life.

    I decided that I would make a real effort to speak to people from Ireland…ridiculous eh?
    I realised that I had to stop how I was thinking, I needed to connect with the reality of people from Ireland, be that North or South, no matter what religion. I have to say that at this time I was angry with both sides of the Troubles….you have to have 2 sides to have a conflict. I had to stop this and turn it round…ME! No-one else could.

    Our family already included many Irish people and we had Irish friends. However, this resulted in me meeting x x x xx x x x x x x x x x two wonderful ladies who have been there for me and I hope I’ve been there for them. We keep in touch on FB and I love seeing the family posts and watching Joanne’s daughter grow up into a beautiful young lady, hopefully in more peaceful & safer surroundings than her mum did. The only true memorial to all who lost their lives. I can only hope.

    What I’m about to say next is not meant in any way to diminish the horrific and appalling death of Drummer Lee Rigby, and the respects I feel his family should be extended.

    I have to ask this, yes, people were upset and angry when my brother was murdered, but I don’t recall a huge majority of people screaming racial hatred at the Irish or demanding we had marches to show our outrage at the Terrorism being inflicted on our own people. Does this mean my brother’s life was in some way less valuable? Obviously I am relieved that this is not the way people behaved but I think it’s a fair question for me to ask. And if it was less valuable…..WHY????

    At this point I’d like to say to people having a go about how soldiers aren’t heroes and if they didn’t sign up then there would be no war:

    My brother passionately believed in what he was doing. He joined the Army truly believing he was going to be protecting people. His intentions were honourably, as I believe the VAST majority of soldiers. Do we get “bad” soldiers, ones who join up for the wrong reasons, of course we do…but that’s true of every other occupation. Your normal “Squaddie” truly believes and are prepared to lay their lives on the line for people they feel need protecting…that in my eyes makes them heroes. I will say that I disagree with our armed forces being in Afghanistan etc….but that does not diminish the admiration and respect I have for these men and women who patrol the streets truly believing they are there to protect people.

    Also, the people demanding a March against Islamic Extremists and to “Take back Britain”…..do you realise that these acts also put our serving army members at risk. Marches like these only incite more hatred, anger and, water any seeds sown by other factions…so you are in fact creating and feeding a situation that is already very precarious for the men and women you purport to be supporting and defending. Please stop and think about what situation you may create and who will have to deal with it………please, please stop and think.

    I would like to at this point give my opinion of the Muslim Community, which I feel I have the right to do as I worked within this community for quite a few years. The families I worked with, quite a significant number, treated me with the utmost respect. They welcomed me into their homes and showed great appreciation for any support I gave them. They celebrated Christmas and Easter with me and were just as delighted as any other Mum when their kids got a part in the nativity play. They appreciated the opportunity of learning more about me, my culture and my family. The community included me in all their own celebrations. I was shown nothing but care and love from this community and learned many things. I still count many as my friends.

    I also witnessed some attacks both physically and verbally that these ladies had to endure after 7/7. It didn’t matter that they were as horrified and as terrified of what happened as everyone else was. I also had someone spit in my face and call me a “Paki loving bastard” at one point…..My answer? “Better a Paki loving bastard, than an ignorant, disgusting excuse for a human being”….he got a bit of a shock at the retaliation and scuppered away…you see he was used to picking on the most weak and the most vulnerable.

    So I hope everyone reading this understands how disgusted and angry I am at the MSM and the Government’s handling of this heartbreaking and appalling incident and why I feel sick to the pit of my stomach when I see the Racist and inflammatory comments directed at a Community who have as much control of individual behaviours within their community as I have of mine.

    When you start behaving as your enemy does…your enemy has won.

    My wee brother Lawrence would not want me to keep silent this time, he just wouldn’t…it’s not what he died for.

    Drummer Lee Rigby, may you Rest In Peace young man, and be assured you are in good company and by all accounts so is my brother tonight.

    Much Love x x

  4. Amen. That is truly one of the greatest comment i have ever read…

  5. Thank you for sharing and agree with Tam, it is one of the greatest comments i have ever read.

  6. […] Ignorance is endemic among fuckwits, extremism is NOT endemic among Muslims. […]

  7. Brilliant post!

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