Religious Abuse Towards Atheists (The Triumphs Of Science Over Indoctrination)

Something i have been wanting to write about for a while now… Religious abuse towards atheists…

First of all, I am an atheist, i am a believer of science, and i reject any notion of one or more deity/deities that created the universe… there… i’ve said it!

I was raised a christian, baptised a catholic but unusually, i was given a mind that questions and morals without having to read thousand year old texts to be a good person. I was about 12 when i realised everything i had been taught was a lie. Ok, maybe LIE is to strong a word, I’m sure the authors who contributed to the bible believed what they were writing was true, but even when they wrote it, it was hundreds of years old and probably no more than Chinese whispers.

Not of course, that i am really bothered what you think of me anyway in honesty, i am, like most atheists, rather thick skinned when it comes to my beliefs being knocked or criticised. Shame, that the same cannot be said about most theists in honesty.



Religion, for me is a way for people who had no scientific understanding of the world to explain the things happening around them. Example, the crops failing would be because they have displeased the lord, or a thunderstorm being god showing his wrath… i know, the mind boggles. This coming from the people who thought the earth was flat, but it gives you the general gist of what im trying to say here, im sure.

So, first up, Christians. Oooooooooh these fuckers… (of course i refer to the fundamentalists, god botherers and bible bashing types here, not your average folk who practice their own beliefs without imposing them on anyone else) these fuckers, are really something.


Take the westboro baptist church as an example of these guys, the kind who shun all intelligent debate to ram THEIR beliefs down YOUR throat, then call you a baby eater because YOU don’t share THEIR beliefs…

Pardon me if im wrong here, but isnt that the very opposite of being Christian?

I thought one of the very fundamental beliefs of Christianity was “turn the other cheek” and “do unto others as you would have done unto you”… where does it say “ridicule anything that doesn’t fall into line with your particular belief structure”? it doesn’t? oh… silly me…

Fundamentalists tend to be particularly sombre and humourless fellows, who get very defensive of their beliefs at the first questioning, even, if that question was out of nothing more than curiosity.

Now, a lot of people say i hate religion, not true. I despise some religion (Catholicism for example), this is true, but i actually really enjoy a good theological debate with an intelligent person, who can debate, as opposed to someone who resorts to calling me a “baby eating monkey boy believer” just because they have no rebuttal to my arguments against god.

This also is another hardcore christian trait… resorting to name calling when all arguments for god have been rebuked, and nothing more of an argument than “i know god exists because the bible says so” is left.

Very rational. Its a bit like saying “Andy McNab is a hero because he wrote so in Bravo Two Zero” (for those who dont know to what i refer, it is to ex SAS soldier, and military fiction author Andy McNab, who’s account of the now infamous Bravo Two Zero patrol from the first gulf war, can be considered his greatest work of fiction yet)

Whilst i don’t believe in a god of any kind, i don’t also believe it is my right to burden others with my beliefs. If theologists and theists wish to debate and discuss, i am more than happy to do so, putting forward logic and evidence (where possible) to support my arguments, but i, for one, would never knock on a Christians door and say “could i talk with you for a minute about Darwin’s theory of evolution?”

The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

I think its just a shame that we will all be dead before we have definitive proof of this.

Which brings me to Islam. Now, again i refer only to the hardcore fuckwit elements of Islam, the Abu Hamza types, and the “kill all who insult Islam” brigade.

Its no doubt that tensions between Muslims and other denominations are rising quickly, due to the exploits of these fuckwits, but the biggest laugh for me is the “Islam means peace” line. In 99% of Muslims, this is the case, but to the extremists, its a case of “Islam means peace, and we will kill all who disagree” Way to prove your point ya fucking retards.

How these idiots expect to be taken seriously, is beyond me, they flatly contradict the religion they supposedly represent. Oh thats right, they expect to be taken seriously by blowing themselves up, i forgot. Nice trick dickhead, now do it again…

I have met many Muslims, even dated a couple, and i have never met any who i would consider to be anything other than peaceful, even the strictest of Muslims. These fundamentalists though, completely undermine the 99% of good muslims in the world.

As for the theist argument? well that’s the same as with all religions, with the counter argument being based on science and evidence, rather than on the word of a book that’s thousands of years old.

So, i have to ask the question… Why are theists so bothered about atheists? Why does me not believing in a god affect your life or your beliefs? Why do you think you have the right to call me (or atheists in general) names because i don’t? Why are you so vocal about atheists “being the spawn of the devil” and that we “pollute the world” with our lack of beliefs? Why are you so THREATENED by us?

Why am i wrong by not believing in a god, but it is OK for you to indoctrinate children and then say “Don’t label me as a child abuser or brain-washer, let me choose the way to bring up my own children” whilst simultaneously TELLING them what to think and believe? If that isn’t brainwashing and controlling, then what is?

The answer for me is simple… Because you’re scared i am right. Because you are scared your world will collapse if you are proven wrong, and because you need a book to govern your life and morals. Furthermore, you are scared that after death there will be nothing. But answer me this? WHY are you scared of that? What makes death worse than life in heaven? After all, isn’t death the “everlasting peace” you have been promised?

You say you want religion taught in schools, all religions? or just YOURS?


Whilst you bang on about being persecuted for your beliefs, you simultaniously persecute Athiests for their lack of belief. How does it feel to be a hypocrite? Atheists are no more a danger to society by teaching science, than you are by teaching about god, cos lets be honest here, Atheism never caused deaths or wars did it? Religion has never, nor will it ever cure diseases, Science has.


Lets be fair here, Science has been right about everything that theism is wrong about. The sun going around the earth, the shape of the earth, women’s rights, civil rights, contraception, homosexuality, i could go on…

But it has covered up child abuse, controlled the masses, stolen from the poor, murdered, persecuted and tortured. All in the name of an entities all the evidence points to not existing.

Stupidity – 1 Common Sense – 0


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  1. What a cracking good read.

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