Something i have been wanting to write about for a while now… Religious abuse towards atheists… First of all, I am an atheist, i am a believer of science, and i reject any notion of one or more deity/deities that created the universe… there… i’ve said it! I was raised a christian, baptised a catholic […]

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If you are easily offended, i suggest you click the back button on your browser now… Firstly, i must say this. My admiration for these writers, who carry on writing, day in, day out, on issues they feel passionate about, is unending. To carry on doing something you believe in, in the face of such […]

Imagine it… its 0630, on the 6th of June, 1944, and you are┬ánervously waiting as the LCVP (landing craft vehicle and personnel) draws nearer to shore, praying, waiting for the hail of fire and death that awaits, knowing your chances of lasting more than two minutes upon landing are almost zero, and that’s if you […]

George Rolph is on Hunger Strike because of having his disability benefits denied. He has been censored by Facebook.

Once again we have an appalling attack on a British Soldier. Once again, the fuckwit press have highlight the fact his attackers were Muslim. Once again, the majority of the uneducated, media led fuckwits of the British public have reacted angrily against Muslims. One has to ask… How much attention would this story have got […]

For those of you who the 617 Sqd name does not ring a bell, 617 was formed at RAF Scampton on 21 March 1943, and was allocated the unit identification code MZ for the period April to September 1939, (even though, the unit didn’t technically exist at the time.) and was the squadron that would […]